Current Pricing

Private Training Sessions:

First Pilates session 75 min in length $70 or #1 of a package
Sessions are 60 minutes in length
One session $70
Pkg of 4 sessions $260
Pkg of 8 sessions $480

Semiprivate Training Sessions:

Sessions are 60 minutes in length.
$80/semiprivate ($40/person)
Bring a friend, spouse, family member etc to work out with.
*If you have no Pilates experience, please schedule a private with Chris prior to your semiprivate.

Private Health Coaching Sessions:

First appointment in person 90 min $80
Subsquent sessions based upon individual requirements.

Group Health Coaching Sessions:

Stay Tuned...

Payment due at session. Acceptable Payments: Cash or Checks made payable to Chris Rhoades.